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Ep#4: Re:Zero Part 2

We discuss the second half of Re:Zero this week! And guess what?! Brad had to rebuild the studio..... FROM SCRATCH, WITH NO HELP FROM BLUE, BECAUSE APPARENTLY SHE WAS "Supervising" or whatever. Anyway... Get ready for just a little bit more news, not a whole lot happened between the recording sessions of the two episodes!

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Ep#3: Re:Zero Part 1

We discuss Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World From Zero this week! Get ready for news, current events, and more!

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Ep#2: Wiseman’s Grandchild

We discuss The Wiseman's Grandchild this week! Get ready for Isekai, romance, and cringe!

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Ep#1: Animusing Introduction

Welcome to BnB Anime! We're Brad and Blue, and we're here to make our introductions!

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